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OAR’s Kit for Kids




Click here to order a kit! Please contact us directly for bulk orders of 3 or more at

The Kit for Kids is designed to teach elementary and middle school students about their peers with autism. The kit is centered around an illustrated, fold-out booklet called, "What's up with Nick?" Click here to learn more, and click the pages below to view all of the individuals components:

The "What's up with Nick?" booklet and lesson is a colorful, kid-friendly booklet that focuses on a boy with autism named Nick. It teaches children that students with autism may think differently or need some accommodations, but all students are of equal worth and should be treated as such.

The three-minute web video uses cartoon animation, sound, and color to capture children’s attention, yet still offers accurate autism information using language they can understand. It is a great way to start a classroom dialogue about autism and accepting differences.

The Kit for Kids activity workbooks expand upon the information presented in the "What’s Up with Nick?” story and give students a chance to engage with the material they just learned in the lesson. There are different workbooks for students in grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8. They can be assigned as independent or group classwork, or as homework.

For more information, to order a print copy of the Kit for Kids, or to start a peer education initiative in your school district, please contact Kimberly Ha at (703)243-9762 or